Is it safe to use my credit card on your website?
Yes! We understand that the safety of your personal information is extremely important to you. We use a wide array of electronic and physical security measures and devices to protect your personal data and credit card information from unauthorized access. Please don't worry

Can I drink coffee or wine with NINADETOX?

WARNING: In order to get a good weight loss result with NINADETOX, we suggest you do not drink coffee or wine during the period.

Is your product safe?
Yes. Our products are made from 100% natural herbal ingredients and do not contain any artificial chemical stimulants.

How do I use your product? What ingredients?
All information about the exact product are stated in their description.

Are there any side-effects?
There are no known serious side effects. Some people can experience natural reactions such as difficulty sleeping (because the products boost energy), dry mouth (drinking insufficient amounts of water as metabolism is improved) in the first few days but patterns revert back to normal after a few days, 

Can I take these Capsules?
This product is not applicable for people younger than 18 or older than 65 years old.Not for women who are pregnant or breast-feeding
Do not take  if you have high blood pressure, cardio - vascular disease or apoplexy, kidney or liver dysfunctions etc

Can men take them with the same result?
Yes. Our products suit for both Men and Women

Do I have to exercise and diet in order to see results?
Research shows that weight loss occurred without additional dieting or exercise. However, in order to achieve the best weight-loss results, we recommend incorporating a colonic, exercise into your daily life and replacing high calorie foods with healthy nutrients, dense foods like fruit, vegetables, seeds, herbs..

How much weight will I lose?
Our detox supplements give you a healthy weight loss which varies by individuals. The weight waste loss depends on so many variables, individual life style, physical activity and body mass index etc

Is there any rebounding?
No as long as you keep good eating habits

Is there any medication that I should avoid to take?
Usually, we don’t suggest you to take these products if you are taking other medicine or have any medical condition

What's your exchange and return policy?
NO Exchange or Return due to covid


Are there late fees?

No, there are no late fees if you miss a scheduled payment.

What is the option to pay in installments on Shop Pay?

When checking out with Shop Pay, you now have the option to pay now or later. Paying in installments on Shop Pay allows you to split your purchase amount into 4 equal, biweekly installment payments—with 0% interest, no hidden or late fees, and no impact on your credit score.* In some instances, your first payment is due when you make your purchase; otherwise, your first payment is due 2 weeks after your purchase.

What if I make a return on a purchase made through Installments with Shop Pay?

If your refund amount is less than the amount remaining on your Shop Pay Installments balance, then you can expect one or both of the following:

  • A smaller payment balance on the final payment
  • Less future payments on the remaining loan balance

If your refund amount is more than the amount remaining on your Shop Pay Installments balance, then you can expect to receive the difference as a refund to your origina