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I'm Haitian, so I was use to eating rice for breakfast lunch and dinner. So I've always been chunky, its after my divorce in 2008, I decided to change my eating habits but obviously I still needed help. Food was my addiction, there was no way i was going to stop eating a whole pizza , cheesecakes , meatball sandwiches , chocolate chip milk shakes cold turkey lol.  

In 2009, I lost 45 pounds in 10 weeks without exercise with the help of our products. It suppressed my appetite to the point i only ate one meal per day . It turned my body fat into energy . I was drinking water constantly instead of caffeine . It changed my life. 12+ years in business and still counting...

Why Am I Overweight or Obese?- The answer : you are malnourished. Is it genetic? metabolism? Answer. Its your habits.  

 You must Clean your intestines and liver in order to lose weight. When we are on poor diets our intestines are filled with bad bacteria and loads of starch and nitrogen waste slime. The number one food to remove it is: organic lime juice.


Once the intestinal lining is in better shape you increase absorption and can get nutrients into the liver to detox , so it can do its job, regulate nitrogen levels and increase metabolism (The breakdown of carbohydrates into energy). The number three plant compounds are radishes, milk thistle/seed and olives and olive leaf.


A MOST IMPORTANT fact is that when attempting to lose weight you need to NOT EAT A LOT of FRUIT, Eat more raw vegetables, green juices, and some cooked veggies with lime to lose weight, Eating too many fruit fools the body. Since carbohydrates are the basis of metabolism eating too much when you are overweight makes your body think it has a sufficient supply. Fooling the body makes it believe it must breakdown the already stored up carbons in the fats. The body then seeks to unbind these fats. Its called gluconeogenesis.


 The last issue of obesity is the micro-parasites ability to control your appetite. " You can order the parasite cleanse here


Be patient & consistent. Herbs are gentle but Strong. For extreme weight loss results we suggest you get a colonic often, limit salt, Do not drink soda, concentrated fruit juices, caffeine or wine, eliminate dairy, bread, pasta, flour, sugar, meat, sushi, cereal & fast foods. source -alithechief


To reduce your risk of complications, talk to your medical provider before using detox or cleansing supplement. Your health care provider can help you decide if a particular product is likely to be safe and effective for you and give you tips on cleansing and detox. Be sure to use the supplement that you purchase according to the directions for use unless your health care provider offers other instructions.

 NinaDetox All natural products aid in cleansing the body through detoxification -- while providing a number of health and weight loss benefits. 

Despite the growing number of ineffective weight loss products in today's market, Nina Detox is proud to boast a myriad of REAL customer testimonials - backed by REAL images of REAL customers, with REAL results!


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