Question: Why do i have to give up eating my junk food?

Answer:  You can do whatever you like but When you are healing or trying to lose weight you can not fix/repair acidosis with acidosis. We are trying to get rid of the acid, mucus, bacteria, toxins, inflammation etc. You cant get rid of inflammation with more inflammation. Nothing changes if nothing changes .

Health comes from getting rid of the bad stuff not simply adding some miracle to your regimen. That usually never works . You need to stop doing what’s bad for you & clean out the mess inside first . Hint Hint: Get a Hydro-Colonic! or purchase our colon cleanse here

Then only put good , highly nutritious raw living enzyme- rich natural foods back in , along with lots of oxygen , sunlight & clean healthy water...and a lil exercise lol then boom tons of energy & your back to your positive healthy body . 

So It’s not how much we eat . It’s what we eat and more importantly Clearing the waste out. That can really bring us vibrant results . The more cleaning out we do , the better we live . 

Nobel prize winner Alexis Carrel was able to keep tissue cells alive indefinitely by supplying nutrients and more importantly washing away cellular excretions . In other words - keep yourself clean. 

Conversely, the denser the "food" (starch, carcass, anything cooked), the denser the harm it causes.. Whenever the "food" is compromised, it becomes foreign to the body, which compromises the mucus membrane as it is forced to build excess mucus to be wrapped around the foreign (sub)stances ("food") so it may be purged..

Most ingest foreign "food" faster than the body can expel (purge), which causes a buildup (years of ingesting foreign substances), which leads to inflammation and dis-ease.. The buildup lymph accumulates and isn't purged accordingly, which eventually calcifies and turns into cholesterol, aka plaque.. The plaque becomes a feasting ground for parasites to colonize and lay their larva on.. order our parasite capsules here 

In addition, the plaque gets trapped on the cells, which robs the cells of oxygen & inevitably deteriorates.. Thus causing your (cell)f to deteriorate & become parasitic (cancer)

The whole point of going on a detox (that you can purchase here)  is to stop eating the bad foods, no longer desiring the bad foods and stick to eating a healthy lifestyle. 

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