Eliminate SALT from your diet for just a week

Eliminate SALT from your diet for just a week and see how naturally you'll start detaching from foods you previously loved. 

Cooking and adding salt as well as a million other spices in our foods creates a bombardment of different flavors in our tastebuds which is highly unnatural and leads to addiction.

If man lived naturally, he wouldn't be abusing his body for the mere sense of taste. If you found an apple tree in nature you'd have a mono meal of apples.

Notice how there are no other ingredients, additives, spices. There's no tree that grows 22 different fruits with different flavors for you to combine and get stoned from their effects.

Most of eating today isn't aimed towards nourishing the body but towards fulfilling addictions. You don't know how addicted you are until you start fasting so that the body may cleanse, which results in you naturally gravitating away from what you previously called "food".

You should always ask yourself: would I still eat this if it had no salt or other additives? If the answer is no, what you're really craving is the addition of salt in the food and NOT the food itself.

It's a must to build that inner awareness so that you always know why you're doing what you're doing.

Most people never question their actions and continue to persist with self-harming habits without ever realizing that their effects, overtime, lead to the deterioration of the body. Regular fasting brings you closer to your natural state and allows you to cultivate a depth of awareness that will be useful for when you decide to merge with foods.