Health is a choice.. So is dis-ease

For those still eating tons of  “bad foods” (ushering even more parasites) For example, if your meal has more starch and “protein” than it has fiber, in my opinion you are making cement inside your body

A large belly is not fat, it’s an inflamed organ(s) –accumulated non-digested/eliminated “food” that has calcified in your colon and intestines. So I recommend you Schedule a hydro colonic now or order our colon cleanse capsules here . I get one once per month ( I do the open water system)

As your mucus membrane gets compromised the excess mucus, along with the excess acids, calcifies & turns into plaque. They become the nesting grounds for parasites to (colon)ize you.. Invading your physical and your mental faculties. They've taken over & you're no longer in control. Love yourself more than feeding y(our) parasites,  if you need help with the urge of having bad cravings , order our parasite cleanse here

#30DayNinaDetoxChallenge below🌬

So NinaDetox family, start your day right by eating high watery sweet fruit (example watermelon)  to break your fast (break-fast) and do it again halfway in the day, feel that living energy as fuel, feel it strengthening you daily, feel it removing obstructions, feel it restoring the life in you so that when it is dinner time and when you cook your food and kill the nutrients in them you will see just how laboring we put our living body through by poisoning it with dead food. 

Most (ALL) of your problems come from consuming carcass (rotted flesh) and starch (goo & glue "food")

Privilege yourself upper planes (echelons) of innerstanding (problems), & health, by going fully plant-based (give up carcass)..

Then privilege yourself to reach even higher planes by only consuming living plants (raw) to reach higher realms of your being..

Privilege yourself to go even further than that.. and you will allow yourself to tap into the highest part of your being, to be able to manifest your deepest dreams essentially at will, 

It’s time to step your vegetables & Fruit up^ it’s actually the main foods i eat with a few hemp seeds here and there . I just love this healthy lifestyle!  I am becoming the best version of myself🦋 Every day I’m one step closer🧡

Healing is not linear, it has ups and downs. But we need to see everything as lessons learned and wisdom gained. All is there helping transform you🦋 Healing takes time. And you need to realize that there’s no quick fix...unless you have hint hint

Health is wealth! 🍉🍊🍓🍇🍒🥥🍎🍍🥭🍓🫐