I know I know but the answer is not "what to take" but more often what to STOP doing that CAUSED the problem in the first place.  Your current situation is probably the result of too many bad choices that led up to this point. It truly helps to understand the problem so it doesn't happen over and over again or continue to get worse.

 Again, The answer to REAL HEALTH isn't about simply adding something to what you are doing  but more importantly what to TAKE AWAY. Which means facing your addictions like BREAD, CAFFEINE, PASTA, ALCOHOL, SUGAR, CHEESE, MILK, EATING LATE, ETC  Our products are here to help you STOP the madness once and for all.

A Dry tongue Equals Dry organs 




HEALTH is mind body and soul right? so 20 years of stress on your body converted to a physical condition cant just be fixed with a supplement. There's no CHEAT SHEET to making you well again- you have to stop what caused the condition (being over weight etc ) We can help as much as we can but ultimately  you have to heal yourself by detoxing often. 

You detox to fully inhabit your body, so its important not to detox just so you can retox (eat bad again - that's parasitic behavior).. you may need a parasite cleanse if that's the case.
  • Drinking Key lime with warm water when you wake up helps to eliminate mucus from the body. When you ingest Key lime it creates an alkaline response, your whole system wakes up and starts pushing mucus waste and acid out of your cells. 
  • GREEN JUICE IS MEDICINE! HYDRATING FRUIT IS MEDICINE-  have it for break-fast, lunch a snack and dinner like a Mono-meal .....more on this later 
  • Most likely, you’ll lose 1 pound per day if you eat just raw living foods, fresh juices , getting exercise, staying hydrated & taking ninadetox pills 


The primary job of your kidneys is to filter out lymphatic waste, not filtering the gallons of water we are supposed to drink!

Conventional medicine tells us that our urine should be clear, but that's incorrect- a body that is well functioning and filtering out lymphatic waste, will eliminate waste through the kidneys.

I know my own healing was taken to a whole new level once my kidneys started filtering.

This can take months, depending on the level of congestion and backed up waste!

Things that back up the kidneys are :

•high protein diets
•an overly acidic body due to processed foods/high fat/high protein … tein’s are acid forming (!)

When our diet is predominantly acid forming vs predominantly alkaline, our body will buffer the acids by pulling calcium from our body, this will then harden the kidneys to the point of forming crystals which then become … kidney stones

This process takes YEARS btw…so it sneaks up on us and then we label the consequences of backed up kidneys “age related” … hmmm yeah well I guess… but actually it has nothing to do with age
It just took time for the waste to accumulate and in the process, we age.

So how do we UNDO what has been done?

The best ways of getting our kidneys filtering and opening up is through

-melons and berries are your best allies in achieving kidney filtration, citrus juices come in second

-the best way to begin the process is to take a powerful Fulvic/Humic acid combo which has the power to slowly dissolve the kidney stones and balance minerals in the body which means the body softens and let’s go easier of waste
-dry fasting; daily dry fasting for 14/18 hours is ideal and longer when ready
-herbal tinctures geared at supporting the kidneys, bladder, adrenals, endocrine system will make a huge difference. You'll find people saying herbs are not needed, but in my experience they took my healing to a new level and I still use them intermittently. 

Check your kidney filtration regularly

consider that if you are healing from chronic or severe illness I do suggest working with a practitioner as that can make the difference between real success and kinda sorta feeling better but not really thriving!