Colon cleanse

Most people aren't fat, but they appear to be, simply because their colon is backed up with waste matter.

Eating multiple times a day, wrong foods, bad food combinations or simply eating in excess allows waste and mucus to pile up in your colon because your body never has a chance to get rid of it.

Once that waste makes its way to the blood stream, you will feel like crap because there's literally a bunch of crap stuck in you that your body is trying to get rid of.

Foul body odor isn't normal. Your body is trying to detox waste through the skin. You aren't ever supposed to smell bad but you wouldn't know that because you're constantly using toxic perfumes and deodorants which just add up to the toxicity of your own body.

Not being able to breathe fully through your nose because it's completely gunked up with mucus isn't normal. Stop eating crap for a while and watch how all that gunk will make it's way out during a fast.

Being constipated and having trouble with bowel movements or even having to wipe yourself multiple times after shitting isn't normal. Go on a fruit/juice fast for a week or two and watch how you'll be expelling crap that was stuck in you for weeks or even months.

You aren't EVER supposed to feel bad or not at ease.

When that happens pay close attention to your lifestyle and what you're eating on a daily basis. You are your own best doctor.

You don't need sCiEncE or ANY person to tell you that processed food, starch, dead animals and their excretions don't belong in a body that runs on electricity.

There are eight main causes of constipation:

1. Not eating enough fiber
2. Not drinking enough water
3. Out of balance gut Bacteria
4. Certain prescription medications
5. Taking too many iron or calcium supplements
6. Consuming too much dairy
7. Eating too much refined sugar and unhealthy fats
8. Depression

So how do you fix the flow so you can go when your back door is backed up?

Here are some natural remedies:

1.Practice proper poop posture.

You gotta pop a squat on the pot. A squatting position fully relaxes the puborectalis muscle, while the conventional seated posture actually puts a kink in the anorectal angle. Try using a Squatty Potty.

2. Eat the right fats

Eating the right healthy fats like avocado and coconut oil stimulates bile release from the gallbladder, which helps trigger peristalsis (muscle movement) of the colon. Gotta keep it moving!

3. Have a healthy gut.

Health starts (or ends) in the gut, and healthy gut flora is the key. When this good gut flora gets ravaged by processed foods, sugar, and toxins, the whole digestive process deteriorates. I try to make a habit of eating naturally probiotic foods like fermented veggies, sauerkraut, kimchi and Kombucha. No Greek yogurt for me, because I’m dairy-free!

4. Eat the right fiber

Make sure you’re eating the right fiber, not fiber bars, Metamucil or psyllium husk powder. Humans are not meant to consume isolated fiber. You won’t find Metamucil in nature. It is a fake food. Instead, go for real food. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables that contain real, soluble fiber.

I hope this info helps you get things going, because at the end of the don’t need this shit!

Happy pooping!

Performing a colon cleanse is important because an unhealthy colon leads the imbalance of bacteria and promotes the development of cancer and other chronic diseases like lupus and small intestine bacteria overgrowth (SIBO).

The large intestine is also called the colon and a major part of its job is to absorb water from waste, compact it, and pass it from the body through the anus.
Fiber, resistant starch, and waste material travel to the colon and the good bacteria (also called micro-flora or flora) in the colon feed on the fiber and resistant starch. The bacteria produce nutrients like vitamin K, vitamin B, and butyrate which the body uses.

Meat, dairy, and processed foods lack fiber and causes the intestinal walls of the digestive tract to overwork to process them. This leads to the development of diverticula, which are pockets in the mucous membrane lining the digestive tract that collect waste. The trapped waste becomes putrid overtime and contributes to the development of toxins and chronic diseases.

People can carry 20 or more pounds of putrid fecal matter in these pockets, and many health experts believe this is a leading cause of illnesses. The putrid waste leaks toxins into the bloodstream, and the waste feed the harmful bacteria in the digestive tract, which unbalances the natural balance of flora and undermines the immune system.

The main thing the colon needs to support healthy function is fiber! Most of us eat eat deficient in fiber. Meat and dairy don’t contain fiber, and most processed foods are deficient in fiber. Vegetables and fruits are loaded with fiber.

Eat plenty of vegetables, fruits, and drink spring water to clean the digestive tract. You may also need assistance cleaning the digestive tract if you have a lot of impacted waste in your colon and even small intestine, but most definitely if you are suffering from constipation. Check out our Colon Cleanser,