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#1: Fruit Juices

Most of the world is fooled into thinking that downing fruit juices

is a great way to be healthy and lose weight. But the fact is that

this just isn’t true. Grape juice, orange juice, pineapple juices,

apple juice—they all almost instantly spike your blood sugar

levels and cause cravings for more sugar. Even worse, processed

juices are stuffed with High Fructose Corn Syrup and Crystalline

Fructose which cause even more powerful cravings than regular

ol’ sugar. Eat fruit instead. The fiber in whole fruit slows down

the release of insulin and holds cravings at bay.

#2: Bread

White bread is stripped of all its natural fiber and nutrition. It acts

just like sugar in your body and gets quickly stored as fat. I see

obese children eating white bread sandwiches and slurping on

fruit juice all the time… and it breaks my heart. Children will eat

healthy foods if they are not introduced to processed foods that

addict them and alter their sense of taste.

#3: Most Cereals

Take a look at most cereal boxes and you will see a TON of sugar

in every servings—and most people eat two or three servings in a

bowl. Then they wonder why they’re hungry an hour or so later.

Check the labels and stick to cereals that have a lot of natural

fiber and lower sugar. Equal amounts of fiber and sugar will help

reduce cravings. What’s more, natural oatmeal is a great choice

with a little cinnamon, stevia and a couple blueberries. It’s loaded

with fiber with some good fats and proteins




    "Josh, please help! I’ve tried dozens of diets throughout the years and NOTHING ever works for long. And I keep gaining more and more weight as the years go by. I’ve thought about this a lot, and the single biggest reason I keep failing is because I can’t stick to what a program tells me to eat. Instead, I get BAD cravings for all my favorite sugary foods—especially desserts like chocolate, ice cream, cakes, cookies and soft drinks. How am I ever going to get a flat stomach if I can’t control my cravings?  Anyway, I heard about some new chewing gum on the news yesterday called Supress 60 (or something like that) and it contains an herb that shuts off your cravings for sugar so you don’t want any. This helps you stick to a good eating program.  I also heard that a lot of celebrities use it. Is this a good product or is this a big scam? I’m really desperate and my doctor is worried about my health. This sounds like something that would work for me."—Michele Johnson, Wichita, KS (Via Email)




    Michele, as odd as it sounds, this "craving buster gum" called Supresalin 60 is VERY real and is backed by a LOT of science. In fact, it has a 100% success rate (within 60 seconds), which I was doubtful about until I actually tried it for myself, with great results.


    And you’re right: no diet is EVER going to work if you can’t control your cravings. (Please reread that sentence again, it’s so important!) In fact, as you probably know, dieting often makes cravings even WORSE. This leads to rebound weight gain and feelings of guilt and shame about being unable to follow through and get a body you can be proud of.


    What’s more, studies have shown that certain ingredients in foods (like High Fructose Corn Syrup and various forms of sugar) are HIGHLY addictive and when you eat them your cravings get more and more intense. (Have you ever experienced this? I sure have.)


    However, there is hope. You see, inside Supresalin 60 gum is a rare herb called Adigam. It grows in remote parts of India and Malaysia, and it’s getting a great deal of attention from researchers, scientists, and supplement experts alike for its "craving killing" results.

How Does It Work?

    When you experience a powerful craving, you simply chew a piece of natural Supresalin 60 Gum. When you do this, the Adigam herb instantly binds to the sugar receptors in your mouth so: (1) your cravings disappear, and (2) you are unable to taste sugar for the next 60 minutes. This double approach kills your cravings in less than 60 seconds flat because, unlike pills and powders, the ingredients in Supresalin 60 don’t have to be digested. They are quickly absorbed through the mouth. In short, you now have something to give you relief from your cravings RIGHT AWAY Supresalin 60 is perfect for getting you “over the hump” until your cravings or emotional eating urges pass..


    Another interesting way Supresalin 60 works is by targeting and disrupting the "neural connections" that tell the brain to associate food with pleasure... thus breaking the cycle of addiction to comfort foods that plagues most dieters. What’s more, Supresalin 60 helps the body deal with the mental and physical stress of weaning yourself off of unhealthy and sugary foods so you don’t feel deprived.

My Personal Experience

    When I first tried Supresalin 60 Gum, I was experiencing some pretty strong "emotional cravings." You see, I tend to get very intense cravings when I feel a little anxious or stressed, and I had just gotten off the phone with my sister, who was going through some tough times and needed my help.


    However, instead of turning to ice cream or some other fattening dessert, I simply chewed a piece of Supresalin 60 Gum and my cravings started to vanish. What’s more, when I did take a bite of ice cream, I couldn’t taste ANY of the sugar in it. This made it easy to avoid all of those empty calories... it’s like I had instant willpower in a piece of gum.


    What’s more, Supresalin 60 allows you to still enjoy your favorite foods without the worry of over eating or experiencing an out-of-control binge. Just take a few bites and enjoy a treat. Then simply chew a piece of Supresalin 60 to help give you the immediate control you need so you don’t over-indulge. Pretty cool!


    To say the least, I was so impressed with this product that I shipped a few boxes of Supresalin 60 to my family members and friends and they all reported the same "craving killing" experience and wanted more. But even more promising is...

The Science Behind Supresalin 60

    In a double-blind clinical trial test, subjects reported that the key ingredient in Supresalin 60 significantly decreased the sweetness of food and, as a result, test subjects naturally ate 22% fewer calories than the placebo group in a meal immediately after.


    Can you imagine if you naturally ate 22% less calories and STILL felt full and satisfied? If you ate 2,500 calories a day, this would save you 550 calories every day and you would naturally drop over a pound a week without trying to diet or having to exercise more. Impressive!


    Another ingredient in Supresalin 60, called Slendesta™, enhances the release of Cholecystokinin (CCK), the natural signaling peptide within our bodies. Once released, CCK travels through the blood and acts on the stomach and brain, where it creates feelings of fullness and satisfaction.


    In fact, a randomized, placebo-controlled clinical crossover study involving 45 participants showed that when Slendesta™ was taken one hour before a meal, the feeling of fullness was significantly greater and the urge to eat was reduced.


    What’s more, in a 20-week open trial, taking Slendesta™ enabled participants to achieve weight loss of 12 pounds as well as a reduction in waist and hip measurements of 16% and 9%, respectively, with no side effects.

It’s So Easy To Use

    Pills and powders can be inconvenient, but with Supresalin 60, you simply chew a piece of this tasty gum whenever cravings strike or 5 minutes before your largest meal. It’s that simple. And there is no limit to the number of pieces you can enjoy each day. (I’ve been using about two to four pieces a day to get me through the evenings which is when my cravings are most intense.)

100% Success Rate

    Review of the studies and verification of the clinical data has shown that fully 100% of the subjects experienced a significant, noticeable reduction in their desire for their favorite comfort foods. The reduced caloric intake produced significant loss of weight. No other weight loss support product can say it works 100% of the time.


    Supresalin 60 is a hot, new craving-killing gum that is backed by REAL scientific research. That’s why I contacted the manufacturer and negotiated a great price on 4 cases so my valued subscribers can get it directly from me at a major discount. And now I’m putting this awesome Gum on sale until Monday night at 11:59 PM.


    The regular price for a 30-count box is $29.95. However, when you order through the link below, you will get it for just $24.95—a savings of 17%. Better yet, to get our BEST DEAL, order the 4-Pack and each box drops to just $17—save over $12 per box, a 43% savings!

But It Gets Even Better…

    I’m so confident in Supresalin 60 that I’m willing to do something a little CRAZY.


    If you aren’t happy with it for any reason—or no reason at all—take up to 60 days to return the unused portion and I’ll gladly refund your entire purchase price. This means you have a full 60 days to test-drive it before you decide if it’s right for you!

Am I Crazy?

    No, I’m just confident that you’ll love the craving-killing results you’ll get with Supresalin 60.


    This really is a no-risk offer. Today you can SATISFY YOUR CURIOSITY with zero-risk while test-driving Supresalin 60 for a full 60 days.


    But remember, you’ve only got until Monday at midnight to get your hands on "Suppresalin 60 Gum" during this Super Special.


    To avoid disappointment, you will need to reserve your Supresalin 60 right away. I fully expect the limited supply to run out within 24 to 48 hours.


    For fastest service, visit the link below to reserve your Supresalin 60 securely online now.


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To Your Health!


Coach Josh


    P.S. You will get Supresalin 60 at up to 43% off… as little as $17 per box… and you’re protected with a 60-day money-back guarantee. Test-drive Supresalin 60 for TWO FULL MONTHS and see if it’s the real deal. If for some strange reason it isn’t, you get your money back. It’s as simple as that.


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