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Fasting Properly
This huge subject can be summed up in one page. First
Question, Why are you fasting. The purpose of fasting should
be to remove waste and obstruction, to calm the mind in
reflection and meditation to improve your quality of life by
building visionary focus, and for initiates to extract ancestral
memory for the purpose of life transforming experiences.
Generally people are interested in # 1 and they go about in a
terribly unsafe manner.

First off no one should fast for longer
that 3-5 days unless they are fruitarians. Fasting for long periods
on mucus based diets can actually kill you and there are
several cases, What you do before a fast is import. It is import
to practice a natural laxative 3 days before the fast, Use
watermelon ginger juice and lime juice. Drench the
watermelon tissue in the ginger juice and lime and follow with
a bulking agent like an organic banana (Not Cavendish). Do this
for 3 days. Once the fast starts you MUST drink Citrus drinks
like Lemonade limeade or grapefruit. Sweeten with honey,
coconut sugar and add ginger, Drink each day till hydrated.

DO NOT DO WATER FASTS. Add citrus to the water in order to
effectively remove nitrogen wastes and starch slime.
If you are on medication wait until you are off for six months
on a Class C diet before ever fasting
When coming off the fast DO NOT EAT FRUIT, it causes excess
detox of the waste. For an easy detox of the obstructions that
broke up use vegetation. Take naps when you feel a loss of

Eat salads rich in lettuce, dandelion, olives, radish minced, dulse
sprinkles, cucumbers seasoned with dill, sage, sea salt and citrus
use coconut or olive oil dressing ONLY After the 3rd day resume
fruit intake.

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